Final Year Project Synopsis on Student Information System

Student Information System


As we know that, many Colleges, Institutes and academic centers work in manual mode for their day to day operations. Whether it is registration of students, faculties or other operations. All such operations are handled on files or registers manually. This project tends to use latest advancements in information technology and provide a central web solution for automating some basic mundane tasks. This will help many stakeholders of a college, institute or school to quickly do some basic operations instead of doing same manually.  

Objective & Scope

This project intend to automate some of the basic operations of an institute or college or a school. Scope would be to provide basic functionalities using a web application so that those manual process can be automated. Main functionalities involved would be around actors such as Students, Faculties & System Admin. Basic operations will be allowed for these actors along with listing & search capability.

About Solution

The solution is an attempt to provide a platform where Students and Faculties can get to know each other. Also acts as a centralized system for getting latest updates or notification about the institute, school or college. This software aims to bridge the gap between students to students and students to faculties. System will be a web application where users will be able to view department wise listing of other Students or faculties. Also Search functionality will help its users to look for other students or faculties based on their name. Thus this system will improve communication and coordination between its users.

Salient Features

  • The System will provide functionality of registration for Students & Faculties. After registration, authorization and authentication services will be provided to users which will enable them to login & logout from their account and perform further operations.

  • This System will provide interface to update profiles by its users.

  • This System will help students and faculties to know about other students or faculties.

  • Users will be able to check department wise other students and faculties.

  • System will also provide option to search a particular name across departments and all profiles.

  • Management or admin will be able to provide important updates and notifications on the home page which will help users to get details of such events.

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Project Category

This project will be a client server application and also a web based application developed on PHP technology frameworks using the following tools:

  • RDBMS (Relational Data base System)

  • OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System)

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • AngularJS

Web based applications, as opposed to client/server, are primarily server based; almost all the code for the application resides on the server. There is usually no client component and users access the application through a web browser. Web based applications have evolved greatly in the last few years from simple websites to full-fledged enterprise business systems and business portals integrating with databases, mail systems and a host of third party software.

Web based applications enjoy a number of advantages over the more traditional client/server technology:

  • Easier and faster to develop

  • Easier to deploy since all the code resides on the server machine. No individual client machine installations are required.

  • Easier to support and upgrade since no individual client machine up gradations are required.

Feasibility Study

An important outcome of the preliminary investigation is the determination that system requested is feasible. In our case, System will allow registration of Students and faculties for which data will be stored in database. Records in DB will be used for authentication, listing and search functionality. Further there are three aspects in the feasibility study portion of the preliminary investigation

  • Economic Feasibility

Are there sufficient benefits in creating the system to make the costs acceptable? Or, are the costs of not creating the system so great that it is advisable to undertake the project? These are the important questions to be answered in economic feasibility. Proposed system will not face any economic constraint as it will be developed by students only. And it will help to automate manual processing, which will save time and money. This will provide economic benefits.

  • Operational Feasibility

Will the system be used if it is developed and implemented? Will there be resistance from users that will undermine the possible application benefits? When we look from this perspective, we don’t see any risk in implementing and making it operational. This project will help everyone, as it is planned to be more reliable, maintainable, affordable and producible.

  • Technical Feasibility

Can the work for the project be done with current equipment, existing software technology and available personnel? These are the questions which needs to be answered to check Technical feasibility.  Project will be developed using PHP Laravel framework with AngularJs as Frontend and database as MySQL which will store details related to this project. There are basic requirement of hardware to run this application. This application will be web application so this application can be accessed by using any device like (Personal Computers, Laptop and with some hand held devices) provided they are on same network.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows/Unix/Linux

  • mySQL

  • Eclipse/NetBeans

  • Apache Server

  • PHP environment

  • Front end- Browser with support for AngularJS

Hardware Components:

      • Processor – Dual Core
      • Hard Disk – 50 GB
      • Memory – 1GB RAM
      • Mouse – Any Standard
      • Keyboard – Any Standard
      • Monitor – Any color monitor
      • Local Area Network Preferable


  • This system will be useful for Students to get to know details of other Students or faculties.

  • This system will be useful for Faculties to get to know details of other Students or faculties.

  • This system will help everyone by sharing notification and updates at a central place.

Limitations of the software

  • System will be a very basic project which is intended to provide a base for further development.

  • Other functionalities are supposed to be developed as per custom need on this framework.

Future Scope

  • There will be lot of scope to improve this project.

  • Many modules to improve coordination such as Q&A forum, messaging, resources/files sharing can be developed to make it more effective.